Today I arrived at Dr. Ararat’s office expecting to have a very involved, complex and costly dental procedure as initially recommended by a referring dentist. After carefully reviewing my file and consulting with colleagues, Dr. Ararat presented me with a much more efficient and cost-effective solution for my specific dental case. Besides being relieved at a less-intrusive procedure, the cost was considerably less and the outcome was even better than expected. Dr. Ararat is generous with her time and expertise, and I am most grateful!

I can’t express enough thanks to Dr. Ararat for the patience and compassion she showed me when I really needed someone to listen and understand my special situation. I am so proud of my smile now and I am grateful to have had Dr. Ararat's advice.

I was shocked and embarrassed when a fall resulted in a break to my two front teeth. Dr. Ararat quickly and quietly repaired my smile so well that no one could tell the difference. I appreciated her discretion and her reassurance during a stressful time.

I had my dentures prepared by a local denture centre and had nothing but trouble – they were loose and uncomfortable from day one despite several attempts to have them adjusted. When I was referred to Dr. Ararat for a consultation, she immediately understood the reason for the discomfort and quickly solved the problem so they were perfect. I will only trust Dr. Ararat in future – there is too little time in life, how wonderful it is to spend it with people who listen and understand – and help!

Making decisions about your health can seem overwhelming at times because you don’t always know who you can trust. Many ‘what-if’ scenarios are raised: what if I spend a large amount of money and time and I’m not satisfied? What if the procedure is painful? What if my smile doesn’t look natural? There was something about talking to Dr. Ararat that put me at ease – she listened, she took the time to explain and recommend options that were right for me, and she was always patient and kind. And she made sure I was completely confident and satisfied. You don’t often see that level of commitment and caring attitude. I highly recommend Dr. Ararat. She is the perfect blend of professional expertise and personal attention.

I had received the news about my cancer and like most people I was left shocked and scared about what to expect. The cancer took a large portion of my mandible (lower jaw) and most of my teeth along with it. While grateful for an eventual diagnosis of remission, I thought I would have to go through the rest of my life with a disfigured face. There was not enough jaw left to even try dentures. Through what I consider one of life’s surprising and wonderful miracles, I met Dr. Ararat and her colleague Dr. Butterfield at the Ottawa Hospital’s Assisted Device and Oral Maxillofacial Reconstructive Program and immediately felt a small ray of hope. They told me about a program they had been working on at the hospital to have Health Canada pay for the majority of reconstructive and dental surgery to rebuild the mouths of patients who have been affected by oral cancer. Dr. Ararat helped me complete and submit the application form and I could tell she was just as happy as I was that I was approved for funding. She changed my life. Today I can eat normally, I can walk through a room without stares, and I have a beautiful smile I am proud of. I am most grateful to Dr. Ararat and her colleagues at The Ottawa Hospital.

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